Memphremagog Watershed Association

The Memphremagog Watershed Association was founded in 2007 as an organization dedicated to the preservation of the environment and natural beauty of the Memphremagog watershed and to ensure its protection for generations to come. Memphremagog Watershed Association is a 501c3 Association.


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Cape Pond Ice

The fishing vessels pulling up to the company wharf take anywhere from 300 pounds to 30 tons of ice per fishing trip. The company is open year round, and round-the-clock for commercial appointments. Cape Pond Ice can pump at a ton per minute on up to three fishing vessels at a time, as well as loading tractor trailers and trucks with either block ice or blown crushed ice . Pallets of 30 pound, 40 pound and 5 pound bagged ice are shipped around Cape Ann and New England.

In addition to commercial fishing vessels and processors, the company serves broccoli and poultry farmers, redi-mix concrete contractors, and custom ice sculpture markets. Ice used by contractors working in Boston on the Third Harbor Tunnel and Central Artery, to slow the curing temperature of large concrete pours, has helped in offsettting declines from fishing.


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Vermont Low Income Trust for Electricity

The creation of VLITE was due to the proposed purchase of CVPS by GazMétro and the merger of CVPS and GMP into one company in 2012. As part of this transaction a Memorandum of Understanding was included, which defined the inclusion of VLITE as a component of the merger approval.

A significant ownership interest in VELCO was transferred by CVPS to (Vermont Low Income Trust for Electricity (VLITE), a public benefit, nonprofit corporation. As an owner of VELCO, VLITE has the power to nominate three independent directors to serve on VELCO’s board of directors.

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Rodgers Country Inn

Rodgers Country Inn is a year-round vacation spot at the end of a quiet country road in Vermont’s “Northeast Kingdom.” The same 350 acres have been in the family since Jim’s Scottish ancestors first settled here in the early 1800′s.

Any time of the year, you’ll find plenty of peace and quiet and a friendly atmosphere. Each side of the house provides scenic views of woods and fields with mountains in the background.  Large  lawn area for sitting, playing games, and children using swing set.


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Westmore Association

The Association was formed in August 1967 to foster and improve the fine vacation environment in Westmore. Composed of summer people and permanent residents, and with at least three local people on its Board of Trustees, it cooperates closely with the Town of Westmore to accomplish benefits for the area.

Thus the official stated purpose of the Westmore Association, as written into its By-laws, is to promote, develop, and conserve matters of common interest to all people of the Town of Westmore; and to co-operate with elected Town officials to accomplish beneficial results in the community for the mutual advantage of all.

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Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce

The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce is the largest business organization on Cape Ann.  The primary focus of our program of work is to promote a strong local economy; a responsibility we take very seriously.  As we all know, anyone who lives and visits our region recognizes the beautiful and vibrant community we have along with a rich history.  Each and every day, the Chamber Team is working to make a difference ensuring growth in businesses and working to build a better community.  We encourage you to enrich your business experience and be part of the future of Cape Ann by becoming involved and engaged with the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce.


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Green Timber Works

Makaio Maher, master builder and owner of Green Timber Works, brings twelve years of experience to exquisitely craft one of a kind custom homes, and other projects. From restoring and renovating old timberframes, to creating new homes and barns, Green Timber Works will be invested every step of the way in your project from design to finish. We have experience in many facets of construction using locally harvested and milled wood from the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, including custom cabinetry and built in furniture, pavilions, decks, greenhouses, straw bale construction, renovations, and small scale excavation.

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Vermont Embroidery

Vermont Embroidery offers embroidery services. We can embroider items that are flat or tubular which includes shirts, sweatshirts, aprons, towels, blankets and hats. We can order the items to be embroidered. Thousands of stock designs are available or custom designs can be developed. Vermont Embroidery has editing software that can add letters to stock designs to customize logos. Custom designs allow businesses and individuals to express themselves through embroidery. Embroidery will be done with professional quality to advertise businesses or organizations. Gifts can be personalized, towels monogramed for weddings or showers, baby blankets, bibs for baby showers, framed art, the embroidery options are endless. Appliqued designs, a process that includes fabric and thread is also available. Consider Vermont Embroidery for all embroidery needs.

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Polly’s Pancake Parlor

Polly’s Pancake Parlor was built about 1830. It was originally used as a carriage shed and was later used for storage of firewood. During the depression of the thirties Polly and Wilfred (Sugar Bill) Dexter converted the building to a small, quaint tea room (capacity – 24 people). When they started serving in 1938 they offered pancakes, waffles and French toast – “All you can eat for 50¢.” The idea was to stimulate sales of their maple products.

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Mitchell & Son Ebooks

Joyce Slayton Mitchell is the #1 College Advice expert for American and international students to win university admissions in the USA. The former Director of College Advising in top public schools in Connecticut and private schools in New York City for 35 years, Mitchell currently lives in Beijing, New York City, and her hometown in Vermont. Mitchell’s college admissions Ebooks are best sellers in the USA, China, India, Korea, and Vietnam.

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