American Society of Dowsers

The American Society of Dowsers is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1961, by eleven men who hoped to promote the education and development of dowsing. Charles Richet, a Nobel Laureate once wrote: “We must accept dowsing as fact. It is useless to work experiments to prove its existence. It exists. What is needed… Continue reading American Society of Dowsers

Kilos Performance And Fitness

Premium Service Offered By Kilos Performance And Fitness. Perks Include A Limited Adaptable Schedule That Allows The Individual To Train In Any And All Semi-Private Training Time Available.

Health Resolutions

Health Resolutions offers Comprehensive Natural Healthcare in Burlington, Vermont. Donna Powell and Molly Fleming have been practicing for over 25 years. We are Naturopathic Physicians, Holistic Health Practitioners, Hypnotherapists, and Acupuncturists.

Hardwick Chiropractic

Nestled in the hills of Hardwick, Vermont, the doctors at Hardwick Chiropractic offer gentle, life-changing health care. Through healing hands and a variety of chiropractic techniques, patients become more flexible, adaptable and alive! Located in a beautiful old schoolhouse and featuring an outdoor stone labyrinth, your life is sure to be changed upon visiting Hardwick… Continue reading Hardwick Chiropractic